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Organic Eucalyptus Oil

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Ingredients: 100% Eucalyptus Oil from steam distillation of Eucalyptus Globulus dried and fresh leaves.

A favorite soothing inhalant, aerial antiseptic, and chest rub. It brings the warmth of its native sunshine in winter, and cools and disinfects the atmosphere in hot, humid weather. It is an excellent decongestant and expectorant, and it can help soothe and stimulate the mind. For the muscles, it can work as an analgesic and relieve pain, antirheumatic, and antispasmodic. With the eucalyptus oil's antibacterial properties, it can prevent infections and let cuts heal faster, relieve cold sores, and prevent and heal fungal infections.

Xencare organic eucalyptus essential oil is 100% pure, natural, real, and undiluted. It is certified Organic, not tested on animals, and non-GMO. Use it in your diffuser, or dilute in your favorite carrier oil and massage on to chest to soothe airways for decongestion, or massage on aching muscles and joints.

For external use only. This product is pure and potent, can burn the skin if applied directly. Always dilute in carrier oil for skin use.